• Statistical Education Committee (abbreviated "Committee") is one of academic special committee under the council. It has been 29years since the establishment of former Statistical Education Promoting Committee.
  • The object of Committee is promoting statistics education and making a contribution to its growth and diffusion. The committee manages a round-table conference of statistical education, working group for statistical education and an extraordinary project meeting.
  • The committee consists of number of councilor, JSS member and nonmember. During 2002-03 the committee has over 40 members with prof. Michiko Watanabe (Toyo university) as a chairperson.
  • The committee welcome new aadmission of member who is interested in domestic and overseas statistics education. Contact to education@jss.gr.jp, please.
  • Working group list
    1. The first working group: statistical education under highschool
    2. The second working group: statistical education for university
    3. The third working group: statistical education for business companies and society
    4. The fourth working group: statistical education with computer
    5. The fifth working group: the 25th anniversary schedule